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Set of 20 chocolates (200g)

Set of 20 chocolates (200g)

Our pralines are a delicious blend of classic and exotic flavours. Each sweet is handmade using only the finest ingredients to guarantee an exceptional taste experience. We attach great importance to the traceability of our cocoa and ingredients so that we can offer you products of impeccable quality. We invite you to take a unique and unforgettable gustatory journey with our gift boxes, ballotins and boxes. Discover our homemade creations and let yourself be seduced by our traditional know-how.

  • Allergens

    • Praline chocolates (gift sets, ballotins and boxes) :

    • Allergens: gluten, almond, hazelnut, whole milk powder (contains soya lecithin), peanut and other nuts.
      Manufactured in a facility that uses: gluten, milk, soya, sesame, peanuts and other nuts.

  • Ingredients

    Dark chocolate coating: cocoa 70%min. (cocoa beans, cane sugar, pure organic cocoa butter.

    Milk chocolate coating: cocoa 53% min. (cocoa beans, cane sugar, whole milk powder (milk powder contains soya lecithin and stabilisers E339, E332), pure organic cocoa butter.


    Old-fashioned praliné: hazelnut/almond, hazelnut slivers
    feuilletine praliné: hazelnut/almond and feuilletine (gluten)
    Coconut praliné: hazelnut/almond and caramelised coconut
    Ginger praliné: hazelnut/almond and candied ginger
    Plain praliné: hazelnut/almond
    Pistachio praliné: hazelnut/almond and pistachio
    Coffee praliné: hazelnut/almond and coffee
    Peanut praliné: hazelnut/almond and peanuts

  • Nutritional information

    Per 100g:

    Energy: 2315,44 kJ/568,51kcal.fat:39,8g-of which saturated:21,90g.carbohydrates:39,63g-of which sugars:36,58g.protein:8,01g.salt:0,23g.dietary fibre:0,14g

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100 Grams
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